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Your dreams are going to get high…

Sur un arbre perché” enables you to fulfil one of your childhood dreams : spend a night in a tree-house. Come and spend a magical moment with your lover or your family, completely immersed in nature !

It is the perfect opportunity to spend a unforgettable night in this atypical and ecological accommodation located in Pons (Charente Maritime region) just one hour away from several big cities such as Royan, Bordeaux, Angouleme, Niort, and La Rochelle…

Nested in the park of the Chateau des Enigmes, five tree houses are waiting for you to come and steal an instant away from the modern world.

In fact, sleeping in a tree is an unusual and original adventure. Hung between heaven and earth, you will fall asleep rocked peacefully by the branches. When waking up, your breakfast will be waiting for you at the tree’s foot, you will just have to raise it up to your terrace with a rope. While enjoying it you will appreciate the animal life around.

Our three “special for couple” tree-houses stand at 8 meters high where you can relax with your lover in the peaceful canopy.

Our two “special for family” tree-houses are perched at 5 meters high. Suitable for children over 2, you can get to the heart of your tree house thanks to a safe staircase. Your children will be enthusiastic to discover their little nests for the night and observe the forest life from their bed.

Our tree-houses are ecological accommodations without water or electricity, but they are all equipped with composting toilets. On the large terrace, you will find a table and chairs so that you can enjoy the surrounding forest. But a treehouse is not only an atypical accommodation, but also one of our childhood’s dreams. What we find there is what we bring: our own imagination.

If you’re looking for a special present for a special person, we also sell gift vouchers. Valid for one year, the gift voucher allows its owner to choose their favorite tree-house, on their favorite date.

5 tree houses in Charente-Maritime

To spend a night in an enchanting environment with your loved ones!
Zen tree house (2 pax) from 135 €

Zen tree house (2 pax) from 135 €

Adopt a zen attitude perched at the top of a centuries-old oak

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1001 nights tree house (2 pax) from 135 €

1001 nights tree house (2 pax) from 135 €

A more romantic atmosphere for a lovely stay

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Enigma tree house (2 to 3 pax) from 135 €

Enigma tree house (2 to 3 pax) from 135 €

Thie highest of our tree houses with a panoramic sight on the castle

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Squirrels tree house (3 to 5 pax) from 165 €

Squirrels tree house (3 to 5 pax) from 165 €

The ideal tree house to observe the Nature with your family!

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Pirate tree house (3 to 5 pax) from 165 €

Pirate tree house (3 to 5 pax) from 165 €

You will all love to navigate on this ship in the trees!

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For the fourth year in a row, our tree house are part of the 10% of the most highly rated structures by travelers around the world (Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor obtained in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015).

96% of the people sleeping in our tree houses are fully satisfied of their overnight stay in the trees.

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