The pirate tree house – Tree house for 5 people

The pirate tree house is perched at 5 meters high on a 200-years-old oak tree. It is easily reachable thanks to a wooden staircase.

This tree house can accommodate 3 to 5 people and is fully secured for children over 2: three children can sleep in the first bedroom, while the second bedroom, a duplex, is suitable for two adults. (This duplex is only 1.2 meters high and can only be used as a bedroom).

Two electric heaters give you the opportunity to create a warm cocoon in your tree house even during the cold winter nights.

This tree-house is about sea and boats because the Usson Castle is only 30 minutes away from the Atlantic coast.

The Pirate tree-house portrays a boat and has been entirely decorated in a marine spirit.

The terrace offers a view on the oak woods and the Usson Castle’s little farm. For the ultimate enjoyment of children, sheeps, goats, ducks and geese are just a few meters away from the tree-house !

In the morning, your children will have to take the control of the boat thanks to the helm to raise the breakfast up and eat it on the terrace.

And to enjoy your stay as best as possible, we offer you the possibility to have a packed-in-a-basket meal made of local products. You will then be able to enjoy your family dinner while watching the sunset.

Our two others tree houses for families

Squirrels tree house (3 to 5 pers)

Squirrels tree house (3 to 5 pers)

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Enigma tree house (2 to 3 pers)

Enigma tree house (2 to 3 pers)

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In short…

Capacity: 2 adults et 3 children

Height: 5m

Access: Wooden staircase

Minimum age: 2 years old

The + : 2 separated bedrooms for children and parents,
an amazing sight on the animals’ farm,
and a real boat rudder to pull the breakfast up


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