The 1001 nights tree house – Tree house for 2 people

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this small suspended Palace !

The 1001 nights tree-house is a real oriental palace perched at 7 meters high in a hundred years old oak tree. The tree-house is hidden in the woods of Usson castle’s park and is perfect for a romantic getaway for one or two nights. It is the most spacious of our “special for couples” tree houses and is ideal for a pampering evening under the canopy.

It has been designed to accomodate 2 people. You will be charmed by a magnificient four-poster bed. Like all our treehouses, there is no water but there are composting toilets and since 2020, they have electricity.

It is accessible with a safe and beautiful spiral staircase. With this short climb, you’ll travel thousands of miles away and join Sheherazade’s kingdom !

All around the terrace, beautiful carved archways will remind you of the desert palaces and their oriental architecture. Once up in your tree-house, you will feel like you are alone in the world and will just have to let the place’s magic charms you. The large terrace is furnished with a table, two chairs and two deckchairs so that your can enjoy the surrounding forest.

The 1001 nights tree-house has been conceived to make you travel and allow you to disconnect from the daily routine in the heart of Nature. The tree-house is like a little cosy nest where you can relax and spend magic moments. Through beautiful finely crafted windows, you can see the wind blowing in the leaves and squirrels jumping from branch to branch.

At nightfall, large windows above your head will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the night sky. What could be more magical than falling asleep contempalting th milkyway?

To enjoy your stay at its best, you have the opportunity to order a romantic dinner on your terrace. We can deliver you a packed-in-a-basket dinner prepared with local products, and as a good starter, a packed-in-a-basket aperitif.

During cold evenings, a gas heater will bring you a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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In short…

Capacity : 2 persons

Height: 7m

Access : Spiral staircaise

Minimum age : 8 years old

The + : A four-poster bed with an oriental design for a romantic atmosphere,
Carved archways on the terrace, the favorite playground of squirrels and robins.


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