The Château d’Usson

The Château d’Usson: a castle rebuilt brick by brick!

In 1879, William Augereau bought the Usson Castle which was originally built in a neighboring village of Pons. This first castle, built in the middle of the sixteenth century, threatened to fall into ruins. The new owner wanted to give the castle a new lease of life… But he had the idea of building it a few kilometers away ! So it was necessary to take down the castle and use wagons to transport all the parts to its new location. This funny process took more than four years to complete!

It was rebuilt in order to keep its original Renaissance style and the desires of its owner, who added several elements of others buildings such as the lounge “Regency de Madame de Pompadour”. In the middle of the castle, you can find the surprising architecture of the winter garden. This idea was inspired by the halls of the Gustave Eiffel train station.

Nowadays, the Usson Castle is recorded among the Historic Monuments and the visit is organized around a thrilling treasure hunt: Le Chateau des Enigmes.

An enchanting park of 10 hectares

10 hectares of woods and garden surround the Usson Castle. This park is full of hundred years old trees of various types: oak trees, cedar trees, pine trees, Gingko-Billoba trees, palm trees…

This fairy park has been planned out to the style of Italian Renaissance gardens. It is made up of various distinct elements: geometric beds in the square, a maze, vineyards, a forest of oak trees, an undergrowth of rose bushes and a vegetable patch.

Come visit  the castle farm!

Don’t miss the farm yard where you can meet the friendly animals of our farm! Children will be delighted…Chickens, sheep and some turtles await you!