Packed-in-a-basket meal

To have dinner on your tree house’s terrace

To take full advantage of your stay, we offer you the opportunity to have a packed in a basket meal based on local quality products. Your diner will be delivered to the foot of your tree house around 7.00 p.m. You can eat it on your terrace where you can find a table and chairs.
Those packed meals can be ordered when you book your night or no later than 24 hours before your arrival.

The Gourmet basket to enjoy with your lover

For couples, we offer you a basket full of our best local products. Enjoy it eye to eye…

  • Duck manchonnade
  • Charentais melon or a raw vegetables (depending on the season)
  • Cold meat platter (local producer : Maison Rambeau)
  • Goat’s cheese (local producer : M. Petit)
  • ½ Bottle of biological Red Bordeaux (Chateau La Haie)
  • Pastries
  • Fresh fruits
  • Bread

Price: 40 € for 2 persons

The picnic basket for families

For families, we propose a copious picnic basket which will be a treat for young and old.

  • Duck rillettes from Maison Charente (local producer : Famille Poux)
  • Cold meat platter (local producer : Maison Rambeau)
  • Goat’s cheese (local producer : M. Petit)
  • Patatoes chips
  • Grape juice
  • Pastries
  • Fresh fruits
  • Bread

Price for 3 persons: 45€
Price for 4 persons: 50 €
Price for 5 persons: 55€

Nous vous proposons également des petits paniers « apéro ». Il n’est pas nécessaire de les réserver à l’avance

What about a packed-in-a-basket aperitif to celebrate?

We also have packed-in-a-basket aperitif that you can take when arriving at the Castle. There is no need to book it in advance.
The “Premium Beer with XO Cognac Aperitif” 
(for 2 people) : 14€
  •  2 bottles of Premium Beer with XO Cognac (33 cl)
  • Aperitive biscuits

The Jack Beer (for 2 people):10€

  •  2 bottles of  Jack Beer Pale Ale (33 cl)
  • Aperitive biscuits

The “Pineau Aperitif”
(for 2 people) : 12€

  •    1 bottle of Pineau of Charentes “Lise Baccara”(10cl)
  •    Aperitive biscuits

The “Champagne Aperitif” 
(for 2 people) : 20€

•      Half a bottle of Champagne (37.5 cl)

•     Aperitive biscuits